Psychological Assessment and Therapy

Psychological Assessment and Psychological Therapy for  adults (18 and over) for all common mental health problems:

  • EUPD
  • ASD/co-morbidities
  • Depression/bereavement
  • Anxiety /Social Anxiety/Social Phobia
  • Trauma related difficulties such as PTSD, intrusive thoughts, anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties/Interpersonal difficulties
  • Repeated patterns of feeling exploited or used in relationships

I can offer a range of therapeutic approaches or  integrate more than one psychological models (i.e. compassionate mind, CBT  informed interventions, Mindfulness, person centred or  Lifespan approach) if this meets your needs better. I mostly work form a schema therapy perspective and selectively use EMDR, if appropriate for the nature  of trauma.

Adult Autism Assessments

Many of my clients told me about their life long psychological struggles, that we realised were because of undiagnosed neuro diverse conditions, ASD and/or ADHD.

I have many years of clinical experience in working with neurodiverse people ,mostly under the care of mainstream NHS mental health services. I am trained in formal, licensed diagnostic tools (such as DISCO, ADOS-2 etc.) that are all NICE recommended too .

I aspire to offer a high quality Autism Diagnostic service that will meet the following high quality criteria :

-they will be fully compliant with the relevant NICE guidance

-they will only be carried out by highly experienced, registered and regulated professionals ,registered with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

-they will never be carried out exclusively online and a range of information sources will be assessed, considered and evaluated

-we will be honest and transparent about fees;

Please note this service is currently under development

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