Psychological Assessment and Therapy

Psychological Assessment and Psychological Therapy for  adults (18 and over) for all common mental health problems:

  • EUPD
  • ASD/co-morbidities
  • Depression/bereavement
  • Anxiety /Social Anxiety/Social Phobia
  • Trauma related difficulties such as PTSD, intrusive thoughts, anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties/Interpersonal difficulties
  • Repeated patterns of feeling exploited or used in relationships

I can offer a range of therapeutic approaches or  integrate more than one psychological models (i.e. compassionate mind, CBT  informed interventions, Mindfulness, person centred or  Lifespan approach) if this meets your needs better. I mostly work form a schema therapy perspective and selectively use EMDR, if appropriate for the nature  of trauma.

Medico-legal reports

Service Not Available at Present

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